from Mongrel Zine Records

(December 2010, 106 pages, 7″ x 8.5″)
In this one, Bob goes to Calgary’s SLED ISLAND FESTIVAL and hangs out with HELL SHOVEL (Jeff from Demon’s Claws, Dale from Chocolat, and Bloodshot Bill), our Indian Wars friend and cover model Fraser hips us to poster artist BEN LYON, GIGI FRENCH/GISELLE NUMBA ONE schools us on white magic and Red Mass, TOPLESS MONGOS draw us a NÜ SENSAE comic interview, and tonnes more including TY SEGALL, PAT METEOR, PERSIAN CLAWS, JOHANNAH JØRGENSEN, THE GRANNY SMITHS, KIRK SPECIAL, BLUE SUNSHINE PSYCHOTRONIC FILM CENTRE, AND STORYTIME WITH JEFF CLARKE!

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