from Mongrel Zine Records

(May 2011, 102 pages, 7″ x 8.5″)

Cartoonist Colin Upton gives us an in-depth history of underground comics over tea at his East Van apartment, Piero Ilov from Jack of Heart (France), considered the “chaos element” in Hell Shovel, thinks we’re crass, electronic artist with a new LP out on Goner Records Mr. Quintron gets paper thrown at him by little shits while working as a living exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art, Strange Attractor ponders the mystery of The Gruesomes’ wigs, Human Eye’s Johnny LZR waxes poetic on composers and astrophysics, and from Vancouver The Jolts and The Spreads, from Montreal Primitive Hands, Cherie French, and Shortpants Romance, The Shrapnelles from Calgary, retrospectives on ’60s garage band The Reekers & The Hangmen and ’70s punk band The Zellots, plus columns, reviews, and a SXSW Journal!

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Mongrel Zine Records Vancouver, British Columbia

MONGREL ZINE is a print fanzine and record label based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada

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